Your home away from Home !

- 10 minutes from Domodedovo airport
- 1650 rubles / single room
We meet our guests at Domodedovo Airport FREE OF CHARGE.
The hotel near Domodedovo Airport
Your home away from Home !
  • Free shuttle service
    Meeting and seeing off at Domodedovo airport
  • Cozy rooms
    Single accommodation from 1300 rubles
  • Breakfast
    Hot breakfast from 200 rubles

Domodedovo Airport Hotel
Green Star

10 minutes to Domodedovo airport, 15 minutes to Domodedovo metro station, 35 minutes to the center of Moscow and fashion stores.
GREEN STAR Hotel is located in the center of Meshcherino village, 2 minutes from the bus stop, you can reach the nearest metro station Domodedovo by bus. We provide our shuttle service at Domodedovo airport free of charge.
You need to contact the Reception of Green Star Hotel.
A great place for travelers who want to have a good rest before the flight and have a good time, while our hotel service is affordable.
The hotel is located next to famous sights and museums:
Gorki Leninskie Museum-Reserve;
Holy Cross Monastery of Jerusalem.
A great place to meet new people or have a quick snack before traveling.
The stylish cafe and bar is the center of life for local artists and creative youth.
We have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The modern large kitchen will accommodate you and your friends. The reception is open 24 hours. The hotel has free Wi-Fi and computers, in case you need to check your email or book a ticket.
The information desk can also help you find your way around the city, and a free shuttle service to Domodedovo Airport is available on request.
Each room has a shower and fresh towels.
The Green Star hotel provides accommodation for people with different requests: rooms for one and for two, family and business trips.
(meeting/departure Domodedovo Airport)
Our clients about the hotel near Domodedovo airport
Very friendly place, perfect for relaxing if you are travelling with the whole family. Excellent level of service and pleasant atmosphere.
Irina (individual traveler)
We flew with a large group of friends and had a super cool time. We have already agreed to stop here again on the way back with the same company
Green Star Hotel is the
where adventures begin
We accept credit cards, you can also pay by via PayPal. You can also pay in cash on the day of arrival. Free cancellation of your reservation
The rules of the hotel
We have a few simple rules to make
all hotel guests feel comfortable.
At the GREEN STAR Hotel, we always respect our customers and are happy to welcome new residents. Please also understand: you can't have noisy parties in the rooms, and after 23:00 you need to keep quiet.

Check-in-time at our hotel starts at 14: 00 local time. Check-out -time is until 12: 00.
If you do not have time, we have an additional paid service that will allow you to take your time and check out of your room at 14: 00. You can find out more at the reception.

We will help you plan your trip
When filling out the form on our website, please enter the dates of your full stay in the country. In the "City" column, please write down all the cities you are going to visit. This information will help us to issue a voucher to make it easier for you to get a visa. In the consulate, this document is called a "Tourist voucher". Registration of this document with us costs 1500 rubles for a voucher.
Telephone and e-mail
+7 963 622 88 22
+7 926 484 05 50
142034, Moscow region, Leninsky district, Meshcherino village, Central Square, 5
How to get
We provide a free shuttle service to and from Domodedovo Airport